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Donna Dupuis, M.S.W., R.S.W. (Clinical Social Worker), T.E.P.

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I have been a therapist for 35 years and in private practice for over 205 years. In my practice I see individuals, lead group therapy and I have developed a unique program for couples in crisis. I see couples on an intensive basis, 12 hours in one week or weekend.
Areas of specialization: addictions; trauma; couples therapy; grief; family of origin issues; partners of chemically dependant persons; group therapy; psychodrama; Trans-Actional Analysis and Gestalt therapy.
I hasve had the opportunity to study with some of the leaders in the fields of substance abuse, group therapy, Trans Actional Analysis and trauma. I feel I bring to my work an ability to create a safe enviornment for clients so that they can "walk into their feelings" and find the freedom they long for.
I also have a long history of training counsellors from a variety of backgrounds. I have presented training programs through out Canada, the USA and in Mexico. I was a regular trainer at On-Site workhshops, a facility developed by Sharon Weigsheider-Cruse and her husband Joe Cruse, leaders in both the Addictions and Codependency field. I have also be a regular co-leader in New York City with Louise Lipman, LCSW, TEP, past president of the ASGPP.
Finally I have had the opportunity to work cross-culturally with First Nations people through out the Western Artic and Eastern Artic. I have delivered many workshop, lead healing groups and have consulted with other professioanls in the "North" for over 25 years.


204-1212 13 Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 5R3
Office Phone: (403) 613-1424
Cell Phone: (403) 613-1424


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