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Donna Little, M.S.W., T.E.P.

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Donna Little loves the role of grandmother, and she has been practicing the role of 'midwife' to students of Pychodrama since 1980. She fell in love with Moreno's vision without ever meeting him. His role reversal with God and his identification with every person made his work of pychodrama a template that she could live by. She began with herself; bringing spontaneity to the cultural conserves she grew up with. She was birthed by Ann Hale who was a wonderful midwife, and then began to have hope that this method could help to forge a co-created world where all could contribute. She moved from needing psychodrama to free herself to seeing herself as an instrument in her world, and in the Toronto Centre for Psychodrama, and in the larger community.

She has led workshops on spirituality in Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. In the last ten years she has been leading workshops with Ann Hale, teaching sociometry. Ann and Donna collaborated to write a book (Sociometric Processing of Action Events). Their recent series of workshops has been on Sociometry and Healing, helping participants to discover the sociometry that underpins the Psychodrama and their connections in the group, and a sociometric lens that helps them see themselves, their clients and their world differently.

Donna received the Hannah Weiner award for contribution to the A.S.G.P.P. and the Collaborators Award for the use of sociometry in an administrative system. The Toronto Centre is run by a collective.

Recently in March,2009, Donna received the J.L. Moreno Lifetime Achievement Award.

Donna also trained in Systemic Constellation work with Heinz Stark. This family constellation work was begun by Virginia Satir, and then further developed by Bert Hellinger. The method works by recognizing and honoring the place of lost or missing ancestors, whose absence results in an unconscious identification by a member within a family, who then carries into the present an associated dysfunctional behavior out of love. In this recognition, which honors and acknowledges the rightful position of the ancestor, the current member of the family releases the carried behavior and becomes free to live their life.
Her six-week training in this method and the subsequent work has led her to see this as a natural extension of Sociometry and has enriched her approach to Psychodrama and Sociometry.

She is a past member of the American board of Examiners.


82A Cardigan St.
Guelph, ON N1H 0A4
Office Phone: (519) 836-6654
Residence Phone: (519) 836-6654

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