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Katherine Norgard, Ph.D., M.S.W. (AZ psychologist), T.E.P.

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My introduction to psychodrama was at a weekly public psychodrama held at a downtown church in Minneapolis in a hotbed of poverty and racism. As a young student at the University of Minnesota, I experienced firsthand the transformative power of psychodrama as whites and blacks came to have compassion and empathy for one another during psychodramatic enactments at these public meetings. I subsequently studied at Beacon with Zerka Moreno playing my double in my first experience as a protagonist.

J. L. Moreno reached out to those often forgotten, living on the margins - prostitutes, prisoners, refugees and others. Following that role model, my goal has been to provide affordable psychodrama training to teachers, mental health professionals and others who work in society's public sector with persons made invisible by society. My hope is that others will also follow Moreno's footsteps to empower and work toward social justice.

My professional background has included providing psychodrama and psychological services for people seeking political asylum, working with persons enrolled in substance abuse and dual diagnoses (eating disorders and psychiatric disorders) treatment centers, working with those incarcerated, and teaching psychodrama in various university and other settings internationally. I have also developed educational sociodramas to help people delve into the issue fetal alcohol syndrome, gun control, the death penalty, border and immigration issues and other issues.

Moreno believed that if a person is encouraged to experience an issue, s/he is more likely to make informed decisions about social policy. And so it is!


P. O. Box 2614
Crested Butte, AZ 81224
Office Phone: (520) 325-6240
Residence Phone: (970) 349-6223

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