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W. Richard Paschke, M.A., T.E.P.

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My birth place was Brooklyn, NYC and I lived in the NYC area and in upstate N.Y. until 1996 when I moved to Florida. My B.A. is from Adelphi Suffolk College ( now Dowling College) and I majored in Psychology. My M.A. was from The New School of Social Research. I worked as a social worker, parole officer and as a clinical psychologist mostly for the State of N.Y. My unofficial psychodrama training was as a participant in NYC at Moreno's Psychodrama Theatre on Broadway where I saw Zerka and Jim Sachs do some dynamite dramas. I began integrating these methods with methadone stabilization patient groups. In 1976 I went to the ASGPP conference and further integrated these methods in my new job as a psychologist. In March, 1978 I began training at Beacon for three years p/t where some of the best known of psychodramatists came to supplement Zerka and training directors. I directed six psychodramas a week at work and a number of family- couple groups outside of work for 17 years and as well as much in house training and had a training group for several years. I presented workshop at a number of NYS forensic conference that were statewide and some family mediation outside of work as well as a mediation session for the hospital social work department.

My wife and I play tennis every Saturday morning but my passion has always been golf. The tenor, alto sax and clarinet playing have been my hobbies since childhood. I have two grown children one of whom lives in South Korea and is a wonderful singer and organizer. She made all the arrangements for me to do a day's psychodrama training and got the hotel free as one of her students was a hotel manager. Of course I was happy to do workshops for several of her classes. One of the things I've been most happy about is that last winter - my 76th year on earth, I went skiing with both of my children at Bellaire Mountain in N.Y.

For the past few years I've been writing stage plays. I have three plays done and I'm struggling with the grunt work of a three act musical called "Snapshots of a Marriage."

I've been an ASGPP member for 39 years and have presented about 25 times. Also, I was a member of the Executive Council for seven years. My C.P. was awarded to me 1983 and my T.E.P. in 1988. Of course, I value my Certificate from Zerka's training.


2324 Monett Drive
Sherman, TX 75092

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