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Lyn Bristol Pitts, M.P.A., A.C.S.W., L.C.S.W., C.P.

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Offering: Training for Transformation, from Treachery to Transparency: The fine arts of social Chakradrama; Finding one's role, but co-creating one's place; Stewardship guilds, the new crafting of an old art; For Love or Money? Training models for the new spiritual economics; Behavior modification in the post Y2K community survival modalities; Over the team spirit starting line to the mastery of ubiquitous leadership; The reintegration of dreamtime, spiritual, family and business lifestyles; The move from individualistic isolationism into cooperative group bodies; "Being in the (K)NOW"; Past life regression and future life rehearsal today; Fundamental issues in advanced transformation, telepathy and transparency; The transformation of prayer and meditation in self-instruction, self-dialogue; Dr. Planet Seminars on healing Self and Planet together; Energy Psychology and it's role in ChakraDrama/Psychodrama; Alien abductions and Possessions; Moving with Higher Consciousness flows; Understanding the therapeutic roles of karma and dharma; Answering "The Call".
Lyn Bristol Pitts, an especially intuitive and innovative healer, employs an unusually safe-to-use, nurturing, yet very expansive self-healing method in "Spirit of Spontaneity". She brings together a lifetime of group and team experience and a practical global wisdom in her simple and straightforward transformational-type work. Her teaching approach encompasses "core experience" transformation in therapy, drama, conflict resolution and mediation, primarily stemming from her early therapeutic practice and later cross-cultural teaching experience around the globe, but also from her own growth experiences in personal life changes, and in her own daily search for centered-ness and peace in a troubled and anxious world.
Lyn's overall approach to self-healing is to minimize the cognitive dissonance of the spoken word by artfully leveraging the spontaneous concordance of inner auto-healing resources. Working with the rhythms of inner vibrational cycles and individual patterns of spontaneous receptivity, her approach accentuates the spontaneous movement and intuitive pacing of gestures and "inner sounds." Lyn Bristol Pitts has a particularly intuitive skill for assisting one to find and "download" spontaneous resolutions to anxiety, confusion and stress from a healed inner space of spiritual power and integrity deeper within one's Self.
A Spirit of Spontaneity or ChkraDrama play-out often serves as the rock that all can stand on. Inspirational solutions from within are then always right at hand. Like a fine wine, Spirit of Spontaneity enactments mature until they develop their own "nose" of refinement, polish and body, ripening over time into a truly pleasurable and deeply rewarding experience. People gather around just to "get a taste" of the spontaneous energy field. Indeed, it is not at all uncommon that the on-looking members of the group will experience as spontaneous a healing as the protagonists themselves. Just give her a call..

Primary Address

Spirit of Spontaneity
P.O. Box 686
Unity, ME 04988
Office Phone: (207) 568-5656

2nd Office Address

Acupuncture / Healing Arts
79A Main St. in Belfast, ME
First Park Healing Art
15 Evergreen Drive
in Oakland. ME 04963
Belfast, ME 04915

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