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Edward Schreiber, D.D., Ed.M., M.S.M., M.A.C., C.D., C.T.P.T., L.A.D.C., Cert. Tong Ren Therapist, T.E.P.

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Within the entire body of JL Moreno's work, there is in whole work a series of action-methodologies, ideas, theories, practices that are the gestalt of the mystic realm Moreno was addressing. This is Sociatry: helping to awaken, and heal, the fabric of society and our lives. It seems clear now that the entire body of this, the mystic nature of sociatry, is coded, encoded, into symbols. This is a tradition of many existential schools, where the embedded teaching is coded in clear sight. Sociatry teaches this. Moreno wrote of "a social microscope" and it is now available as education and training for personal and professional growth and organizational development. The Social Microscope (social microscopy as Moreno called it) is able to show "the whole of mankind" - its structure - in a group - as the group becomes a microscope to the time in which we are living. This is a critical action practice now. We offer training and education for individuals, groups, organizations in the US and around the world. We have offered this in: Romania, Spain, China, Germany, Nova Scotia, Italy, Granada. We invite your interest.

There are a number of activities of the ZERKA FOUNDATION, which is a not-for-profit educational, training, research project. We are in the publication process of an important unpublished book discovered in the J.L. Moreno Collection at the Harvard/BU Medical School Library, "Diary of a Genius." The Foundation holds much of the Zerka Moreno Archives (papers, pictures, training DVDs, audio tapes, etc.) and is raising funds for the digitizing of many of these archives for the community.

Please let us know if you can help!

Primary Address

Zerka Foundation
Sociatry: Training, Research & Education
Edward Schreiber, Director
33 Pine Grove
Amherst, MA 01002
Office Phone: (413) 695-6557


2nd Office Address

Director, Addiction Services, Valley Human Services, Ware, MA
Faculty Lesley University Graduate School of Expressive Therapies
Edward Schreiber
33 Pine Grove
Amherst, MA 01002
Office Phone: (413) 695-6557

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