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Jan Iris Smith, L.C.S.W., B.C.D., C.P.

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Mental Health Professional
Personal Growth/Adult Education
Private Practice

I am a licensed clinical social worker , a psychodrama practitioner and an authorized healing energy practitioner. I have been in private practice since 1984. I see a mixture of adolescents, adults and seniors individually and in couples and group settings. In addition, I am certified as a supervisor in clinical social work by the states of Maryland and Virginia. I have consulted with businesses and done trainings in clinical issues over the years.
I received my BA in Psychology from George Washington University in 1974, graduated from the St. Elizabeths Psychodrama Training Unit as a practitioner in 1975, received my Masters Degree in Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work in 1983, completed a 2 year advanced Marital and Family Therapy course in 1989 with Fred Brewster,and completed a three year training program in hands on energy healing from the Mid-Atlantic Center for Healing in 1996, becoming an ordained minister in the process. I seek to combine all of the threads of my learning into a cohesive whole when working with clients.
I see the process of healing as an ongoing venture, never stopping but continually evolving, seeking new ways for the person to express themselves in ever more comfortable and more meaningful ways. Life is always throwing challenges at us and depending on how we are made and what influenced us as we grew up we either have the internal resources for change and development, growth and nurturance or we find ourselves in need of outside assistance. My goal in therapy and healing is to help remove blockages from the path of my client so they can heal and grow and move onto the next step in their lives.
My practice is located in two offices, one in Maryland and one in Virginia, and I am licensed in both states making me eligible for you to get insurance reimbursement where possible. I have office hours during the day and evening but not on the weekends.

Primary Address

6502 78th Street
Cabin John, MD 20818
Office Phone: 571-239-2600
Residence Phone: (301) 320-3422

2nd Office Address

2112C Gallows Road
Vienna, VA 22182
Office Phone: (571) 239-2600

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