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Jean Winslow, M.A., L.M.H.C., T.E.P.

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Psychodrama is a vital stream that runs through my life in a sustaining way, reminding me of what it feels like to be free and to feel joy while doing important work with people. Art is another one of those life sustaining forces, that is a much more solitary pursuit. Both require total awareness and presence. This is what I bring to my role as trainer/facilitator and what I hope to share with others as we come together in a psychodrama training workshop.
I have been involved in psychodrama for the past thirty plus years and have been a trainer, educator and practitioner for much of that time. My return to studio art in the past decade has deepened my committment to the creative process in my work with groups, and enhanced my appreciation of the reciprocal support of the individual and the community.The training group is a small creative community in which we can take risks, be safe and learn what we need to know to be our most creative selves.

My psychodrama experience includes:
True Story Theater (Playback Theater Group), Arlington, MA, consulting trainer, June 2012
The Psychodrama Circle training group - Boston, Cambridge, 1990-2000
Creative Healing training group - Lowell, MA, 2004-present
Lesley University, adjunct faculty, 1989-1995
New England Chapter, ASGPP, co-chair, 1992-1996
Playback Theatre International, conductor training

Clinical experince:
Licensed independent clinician and group psychotherapist, for more than 30 years in a hospital and private practice setting. Specialty in treating the effects of trauma, with certification in EMDR. Currently maintain a small private practice which includes work in the creative arts, including a group for battered women and their children living in shelters.


128 Warren Street
Suite #17
Lowell, MA 01852
Cell Phone: (978) 726-2399
Residence Phone: (978) 455-2236


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