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Cecilia Anne Yocum, Ph.D., C.P., P.A.T.

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Work Applications
Private Practice

Cecilia Yocum, Ph.D., has a Ph.D. in psychology from Ohio State University with over 35 years of experience as a mental health professional.

Dr. Yocum is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Tampa and she provides consultations to the court and other agencies. She works with individuals, families and community and professional groups, using psychodrama, sociodrama, and other experiential approaches.

Change is what therapy is all about. Psychodrama is an excellent way to look at what has prevented you from making changes, the strengths and resources you have to help make those changes, and your motivation level to develop a therapeutic pace that makes sense for you. Psychodrama can help you develop more positive thoughts and behaviors and then practice them until they seem right for you.

Dr. Yocum has been trained in psychodrama, mindfulness methods, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavior therapy, and a variety of action methods. Action methods can help you become more confident in using your skills and can also help increase your creativity in new situations.

Psychodrama and sociodrama have multiple applications beyond what some think of as outpatient therapy. For example, Dr. Yocum is developing a program using sociodrama and other action methods such as Living Newspaper for those interested in social change.

In the past she traveled to Rwanda, Burundi, Colombia and Guatemala doing training for trauma healing facilitators in those countries. The trauma healing program included community based workshops for survivors of genocide and civil war and uses action techniques and experiential exercises. She continues to serve as a consultant to programs in Colombia and central America.

Obesity has become a national concern and Dr Yocum is using psychodrama and action methods that can help people develop habits that will support life long behavior changes related to weight loss and weight management.


2901 W. Busch Blvd, Suite 916
Tampa, FL 33618
Office Phone: (813) 417-1655
Cell Phone: (813) 417-1655
Fax: (813) 984-8358

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