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Saphira Barbara Linden, MA, RDT-BCT, LCAT, T.E.P.

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Ms Linden is a TEP & RDT/BCT , Director of The Omega Transpersonal Drama Therapy Certificate Program in Boston, which trains people toward RDT credentialing through The North American Association of Drama Therapy. She has been awarded the first award for teaching excellence by NADTA and The Gertrud Shattner Life achievement award, the highest honor in NADTA.. She trained with Jacob & Zerka Moreno, founders of psychodrama. She has been designated a "fellow" in the ASGPP organization. The psychodramatic methodology has been a foundation for the Omega Transpersonal Drama Therapy Training Program for 16 years. As Artistic Director of Omega Theater (48 years), Ms. Linden has created and produced numerous original plays and arts events. Throughout her career, she has trained hundreds of professionals in the arts, mental health, education, organizational development and clergy from many traditions. She also works as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, a Sufi Meditation Teacher and Guide (44 years), applying this transformational work into her Management Consulting practice.
Ms. Linden has organized an annual Winter Solstice meditation for 25 years, with many women leaders/teachers guiding different spiritual communities and traditions, many who have written books on Feminine Spirituality. She is founder of The Omega Arts Network for Transformational, Visionary Artist-Healers, working on transformation/ healing in the world. Ms. Linden has written numerous articles and chapters for books about her work and has been a leading pioneer in Transformational Theater and Drama Therapy. She has always seen psychodrama as a fundamental cornerstone of her approach to therapy and training.
Ms. Linden was selected from a nationwide competition to be the subject of a half hour film on a National PBS series, ARTISTS IN AMERICA. She designed and directed a transformational theater process using principles of psychodrama, THE COSMIC CELEBRATION, to celebrate the unity of all religions and the human family with the late Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, produced for 11 years in the United States and Europe, in the 1970's and 80's.
Most recently, Ms. Linden with her colleague Susan Nisenbaum, has written and performed their two woman plays, EARTHEART and MOTHERBLOOD. MOTHERBLOOD is an encounter between two mothers, one an Israeli, the other a Palestinian, both of whom have survived significant losses. This 10 minute play is often presented in a sociodramatic context in conferences, school settings and community peace events . After the performance, the audience members are encouraged to envision the next scene toward peace, embody their vision and then enact it for everyone to witness. A DVD of this formed the basis for a workshop at the 2007 ASGPP conference.
Ms. Linden is the editor and an author of THE HEART AND SOUL OF PSYCHOTHERAPY: A TRANSPERSONAL APPROACH THROUGH THEATER ARTS�Drama Therapy, Psychodrama, Transformational Theater, Trafford Publishing, 2013. For table of contents, excerpts, endorsements, Chapter 2: www.omegatheater.org
Ms. Linden


41 Greenough Ave.
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Office Phone: (617) 522-8300
Cell Phone: (617 480-0122
Residence Phone: (617) 522-4181
Fax: (617) 522-8300


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