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Li-Li Chang, Ph.D., L.C.P., M.S.W., T.E.P.

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“Psychodrama: I find a home of profession.”

Psychodrama and me share the same essence-CREATIVITY. It seems that psychodrama is an easier psychotherapy for me after I attended Zerka Moreno’s workshop in Taiwan In 1996. I began to grow with a new professional identity. Now I have completed the journey of becoming a T.E.P. I enjoy the whole process and remember with gratitude the gifts from who trained me: Zerka Moreno, Gong Shu, Dorothy Satten, Judy Swallow, Rebecca Walters, Ning-Shing Kung, Kate Hudgins, Ann Hale and Nan-Nally-Seif. They nourish and color my professional learning life.

Creativity flourishes. I am an associate professor in the university and a licensed counseling psychologist in Mainland China and Taiwan. I run a two-year psychodrama training course in universities and communities both in Shanghai and south Taiwan. I am happy to have many ways to connect with different Chinese and to plant creative seeds in their life. I am also one of the founding members of “Taiwan Association of Psychodrama”. I am so lucky that I have a chance to influence the development of psychodrama in Chinese world.

To raise babies of creativity. Developing new psychodrama skills always interest me. I create two skills until now : (1)“The wishing well ” to deal with protagonist’s fancy, dream and unfinished business; and(2) “The photograph of the whole Family” to deal with protagonist’s issue of original family. Because traditional Chinese always repress their emotion into their body, I start a project to develop “body-mind integrated experiential psychotherapy” – a new model for people with chronic illness especially for patients with cancer. I hope my work will become a blessing to people just like what those psychodrama trainers gave me.

It has been an honor and pleasure to be part of such a wonderful and creative psychodramatic family!


2 F, No 244,
Renjhih St. Sinsing District.
Office Phone: 886-8-7663800 #31360
Cell Phone: 886-9-36780350
Residence Phone: 886-9-36780350

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