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Judith Ferenczy, M. A., C.P.

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Education (Elementary, Secondary, Colleges & Universities)
Personal Growth/Adult Education
Private Practice

I graduated in Hungarian and Latin Language and Literature in Budapest, Hungary. Shortly thereafter, I immigrated to Canada, where I established myself and started to teach students with behaviour problems and learning difficulties. As a teacher, I have always been drawn to the helping professions and I wanted to find out more about the human psyche. This led me to enter and complete an intense training program at the Centre of Training in Psychotherapy in Toronto. A significant portion of the program involved being in therapy and also participating in a psychotherapy group for several years. This experience transformed me and strengthened my desire to become a therapist. Meanwhile, I was involved in psychodrama training at the Toronto Centre in Psychodrama and Sociometry and I became a certified practitioner in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy. Since 2003, I have been seeing individual clients, leading personal growth groups, and facilitating psychodrama training workshops.

In my work, my primary focus is the psychodynamic approach, which is based on attunement, mutually agreed upon goal setting, and consistent collaboration. I put a special emphasis on dream exploration and dream interpretation. I incorporate other modalities such as expressive art, action methods, and trance, enhancing the potential for self expression and deepening the process of healing. Greatly inspired by Moreno's role theory, I have a long-standing involvement in psychodrama. According to Moreno, our Selves emerge from the variety of roles we play in our lives. The more roles we can integrate in our personality, the better we feel in relation to ourselves and others. Psychodrama techniques allow us to try on a new role in an old situation, or enter into a new situation with the support of the group and/or the therapist. I have employed these methods both with individual clients and with groups. As a result of these techniques, my clients have succeeded in gaining an understanding of their inner processes, finding their inner wisdom, and changing negative behaviour patterns.

Primary Address

Ady Endre utca 16/A
Nagykovacsi 2094
Cell Phone: 0-11 36-30-363-3551

2nd Office Address

84 Miley Drive
Unionville , ON L3R 4V4

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