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Li-Feng Chang, Ph.D., L.C.P.,CSMMFT., T.E.P.


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I have been being a licensed counseling psychologist(school counselor) for 25 years in Taiwan. I also have supervised internship and practicum graduate students for 17 years.
Now I am a full-time counseling psychologist and supervisor in Kaohsiung City Student Counseling Center, Taiwan. I have held psychodrama workshops for out-patients and community people every two months since 2005.
In 1988 I attended Taiwanese psychodrama directors ---Wang, Sing & Jheng,Yu-Ying�s psychodrama workshop. That was my first psychodrama experience . I also attended Dr. Dorothy Satten�s psychodrama workshop in 1989. At that period of time, I just quitted my job and decided to work on my master degree which was an important career decision to me. I was a protagonist in that workshop and gained lots of insights into my life. Since then, I have been fascinated with psychodrama.
Every winter and summer break, I attend Dr. Gong Shu�s psychodrama training workshops from 1995, who is my primary trainer. I have been under Dr. Gong Shu�s supervision since 2006. I deeply appreciated my primary trainer, Gong Shu, who has always supported and encouraged me both in my personal growth and professional development over 18 years. Ning Shing Kung is my secondary trainer, and I also get her training and supervision continually. I am very grateful to Ning Shing, who has supervised me to make great progress over 3 years. They helped me to become an action approach psychodramatist.
I as well attended Zerka Moreno, John Nolte, Kate Hudgins, Rory Remer, Pamela Remer, and Judy Swallow�s workshops which were held in Taiwan from 1999. In 2008 and 2009, I also went to the United States to attend ASGPP 66th & 67th Annual Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama Conference. I have got almost 1800 training hours, and have been certified as a psychodrama director and trainer by Taiwan Association of Psychodrama.
In psychodrama, I was cured and be changed my life, I also witnessed many people have been cured through psychodrama. It is a powerful psychotherapy approach. That�s the reason I love psychodrama. I will keep working hard to be a TEP and would like to help more people through psychodrama who are struggling with their lives.

Primary Address

9F., No.12, Ln. 14, Ruichun St.,Fengshan Dist.,
Kaohsiung City 83086
Office Phone: +886-7-8223400
Cell Phone: +886-989124042
Residence Phone: +886-7-8313093
Fax: +886-7-7681633

2nd Office Address

No.363,Juemin Rd. Sanmin Dist.,
Kaohsiung City 80768
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Office Phone: +886-7-8223400
Fax: +886-7-8124757

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