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Lindsay Huei-Mei Chang, MBA,MA, T.E.P.


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Regularly Scheduled Training
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Work Applications
Life Coaches
Human Resources/Organizational Development Training
Mental Health Professional
Personal Growth/Adult Education

Founder / Counseling Psychologist of Jiahui Counseling Foundation in Taiwan
Certified Team Leader / Trainer of Therapeutic Spiral Model Trauma Healing group
Certified Trainer / Coordinator of The International Focusing Institute – Mindfulness Focusing group
Expressive art therapy – Spontaneity & Creativity Training group

Lindsay Huei-Mei Chang, MBA/MA, T.E.P. is a Licensed Counseling Psychologist in Taiwan.
In 1993, during a period of scarce resources for Counseling Psychology in Taiwan, she established Jiahui Counseling Foundation for the purpose of supporting those in need of mental health assistance as well as professional training services.

She practiced Buddhism and learned Focusing from Eugene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell while she lived in California. She has devoted herself compassionately to the Jiahui Foundation, Inner Relationship Focusing and Pshycodrama training for the general public and healing professionals since she returned to Taiwan in 2006. She finds Morenian action methods are effective and powerful in group settings of both professional training and personal growth for mental health, organizational and community purposes.

Lindsay keeps in mind about Zerka Moreno's teaching her the meaning of "Entrepreneurship - enter into the new". Given her business and MBA background, she is very interested in the application of the interactive and dynamic action methods. She has developed structure models using psychodrama theories and techniques appropriate for business and other various groups. Lindsay is also excited to explore the spiritual and existential journey and looks forward to her meaningful life in the years to come.

Primary Address

5fl.-1, No.416, Jiankang Road
Taipei, Taiwan 10586
Cell Phone: 0910146113

2nd Office Address

7fl. NO.68, Sec.1 Chengteh Road
5F-1 No. 416 Jien Kang Road
Taipei, Taiwan 103
Office Phone: 886-225582771

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