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Sang Zhiqin, C.P., P.A.T.

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Education (Elementary, Secondary, Colleges & Universities)
Mental Health Professional

I am director of the Mental Health Education and Research Center and professor in the Department of Psychology for School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Nanjing University. I am a certified counseling Supervisor of Registration System for Clinical Psychologists of the Chinese Society of Psychology . I am a deputy director of The Division of Group Counseling and Group Therapy . I am also the head of the psychodrama Chinese study group established in March 2014.

Since I came across psychodrama in 2003, I have been learning psychodrama for more than a decade. Today, it is my great pleasure to become a certified psychodramatist. I want to thank Dr. Gong Shu, who brought Zerka Moreno to China; my trainer Dr. Kate Hudgins, who taught me wound healing security TSM;my second trainer Pam and Rory Remer; as well as Dr. NienHwa Lai, director of professional Committee of Taiwan's psychological drama, who always encouraged me to become a certified psychodramatist. I also want to thanks Zerka Moreno who I met in 2006 and 2013.She told me the story of psychodrama and stories of Dr. Moreno. She encouraged me to develop psychodrama in China. This idea has become my mission ever since. To me, psychodrama is a new world that empowers me with wisdom and inspires me to bring psychodrama into the classroom, into the community, to the society. I believe that psychodrama is a cross-cultural psychotherapy, and it will also bring Chinese a happier and more beautiful life.


Centre for Mantal Health Education and Research,Nanjing University
Nanjing, Gulou,22 Hankou Road 210093
Office Phone: 0086-25-83688933
Cell Phone: 0086-13505177612
Residence Phone: 0086-25-83738808
Fax: 0086-25-83593765

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