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Wang Jing, M.Ed., C.P., P.A.T.

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My name is Wang Jing from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. I work as the Deputy Director of the Centre for Research on Mental Health Education for College Students of Soochow University. I have a Master�s degree of Education in Applied Psychology.
I am deeply honored to become a CP. It has been ten years since I first began to follow my trainer, Dr. Gong Shu to study psychodrama in 2005, during which I also received instruction and guidance from Dr. Kate Hudgins, Pam and Rory Remer, Dr. Nien Hwa Lai, Tu Ruiling, Sang Zhiqin, Wang Erdong and Dr. You Jinlin who is my secondary trainer. During the learning process, I got to know a group of friends with whom I shared interest in psychodrama. As members in one group, we attended numerous sessions and experienced happiness and sorrow together. Also, I got great support and encouragement from my family members, especially my daughter who helped me a lot. I would like to express my thanks to them. Without their love and care, I will never go so far.
With a strong passion for psychodrama, I will apply what I have learnt in my work to lead more workshops in the form of psychodrama to help more college students with their psychological troubles and problems. In the coming days, I will keep on promoting the spreading and development of psychodrama in China.


Apt202, Building #15, Xiangmen Residential Quarter, Gusu District
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province 215021
Cell Phone: 86-13701419457

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