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Lianghong Zhong, D.Ed., C.P., P.A.T.

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I am Zhong Lianghong. As initiator of Dr. Zhong Conselling Center in China, I completed master and doctor courses in Psychology, and achieved Doctor in Education later on. I have been honored as the Chinese Excellent Psychological Support for Earthquake Relief work in 2008 and Chinese Excellent Psychology Worker in 2009. I'm an experienced practical Family Therapist, who obtained certifications such as National Secondary Psychological Consultant, National Psychological Assessor and International Geltalt Therapist. Now I'm pleased to be a Certified Psychodramatist in 2016.

My service concept is to provide professional psychological consultant to individuals, families and organizations through accepting and supporting, with profession and confidentiality. And my service principle is Accompany life with life, self-achievement through benefiting others, building resources with resources, which means assisting the protagonist to find his or her own sources of energy by building life goals, reshaping value of life and experiencing harmony and consistency inside and outside the life, to improve life quality and sense of happiness.

Now Psychodrama and its elements are widely used in my practical work, specifically in the following areas:

1. Applying to the disabled children and orphans in the welfare center, with techniques such as drawing, games, role-play, role-reversal to enhance their interpersonal skills and emotion coping strategies.
2. Applying to the street children, with the use of surplus reality to clarify direction of development in the future. Many of them benefited from it and went back to their families and schools.
3. Applying to the family therapy. Techniques such as role-reversal are used to help family members to know each other's feelings to improve the harmony of family and individual's sense of happiness.
4. Applying to the officers and soldiers, who may have some undelivered emotions due to their special works in the army. These emotions can be well-expressed through catharsis and integration under a safe and trust environment in our psychological workshops.
5. Applying in enterprises and organizations to facilitate spiritual concerns and supports on employees. Specifically, the encounter is used to improve communication skills and work out conflicts between employees. Furthermore, the marital relations and parent-child relationship of employees can also be enhanced in the workshops.
6. Applying to the to-be-released prisoners. Role training and role-play are used to help them practice the life after releasing, by improving interpersonal skills and well-expression and catharsis of their emotions. Therefore, they can adapt the social life and family life after releasing.
7. The 35 workshops with different themes I leaded so far (up to 2016 April) are highly appreciated by participants, thus many of them chose to attend the workshops continuously. Here are some themes of these workshops: 1) Parent-child relationship: 'Be the right person in children's life' 2) Intimate relationship: 'build the bridge to the soul' 3) Healing trauma: 'entering the garden for healing' 4) Self-relationship: 'Be your own beauty'.

Let's create a better and happy life of our own, with power of psychodrama. My email address is 460542821@qq.com, all are very welcome to write to me, let's be


104-32, Meicunliyuan, Zhonghang Cheng
489 Shidaiyangguang Road
Yuhua district
Changsha City, Hunan Province
Office Phone: +86-17708441012

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