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Li Na, MS, C.P., P.A.T.

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Personal Growth/Adult Education

I am Na Li with Master degree in applied psychology, and very glad to become a CP.
I am a registered counselor in the Clinical and Counseling Institute and professionals registration system of Chinese Psychology Society, and also an EAP worker of an electricity management corporation which is attached to China Sinopec. At the same time I founded and operated a private institute for seven years which has been offering psychological health service with great reputation in the local area.
Trained by Doctor Gong Shu for a long time and trained in the continuous program of China and German Systemic Family Therapy, psychoanalysis and Solution Focused brief Therapy, I have mastered the theory and skills of psychodrama director. I have led many different personal growth groups and the members vary from counselors, middle-level managers, young employees and females. Now I am still leading a continuous personal growth group of counselors. Besides, I am applying theory and skills of psychodrama into personal sessions to benefit more people and family. Now I am quite confident and believe that I have the capacity not only to apply the theory and skills of psychodrama or group therapy but also to carry it forward.


No. 105,Zibo Road
Dian Diao Da Lou
Dongying, Shandong Province 257000
Office Phone: 86-186-5369-1557

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