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Yu-Cheng Chang, M.Ed., C.P., P.A.T.

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I want to become a psychodrama director and trainer that works from a
multicultural counseling perspective who can be in tune with the Chinese culture.
My training to become a student counsellor began in college, then for the three and a half years in graduate school I was trained to be a counseling psychologist, and for the past four years of my counseling psychologist PhD training, it is helping me become a counseling psychologist, supervisor, and psychodrama director. For the past ten years, I have worked in the following fields; elementary and middle school counseling, community placement institutions, and experiences providing services for community counseling centers (middle school counselor – 1year), (administrative assistant and professional supervisor for an orphanage counseling program – 2 years), (counseling psychologist and intern supervisor for the student counseling center, providing services for children, teens, and the elementary school and middle school system – 3 years), (counseling psychologist and director of a community institution – 2 years). In addition, for the past three years, I have followed psychodrama trainer Nien-Hwa Lai to different cities in China, providing training and self-growth workshops; and during these experiences I could feel the conflict between western developed counseling and the Chinese society under the eastern culture. Hence with the guidance of my trainer, I have constantly learned to use psychodrama as an enhancement of my professional skills, self-growth, and awareness of cultural context; and I continue to practice using these important theories and techniques with Chinese clients.

Currently studying for my doctor’s degree, my professional elective is multicultural counseling, and I have decided the topic of my PhD thesis to be “Psychodrama and the Chinese culture”, hoping I can construct psychodrama that is in tune with the Chinese culture, using it during my clinical work and training, as well as applying it in systematic or societal work. I agree with the fact that cultural and systematic work is an important learning dimension for new helping professionals, during my past supervising and training experiences, I have found that many new helping professionals (having 0-5years professional experience), while learning and practicing the helping profession, often meet many obstacles; low professional self-esteem, a lot of anxiety while talking to clients, not able to be in tune with clients, unable to conceptualize clients, feeling lost in their professional development, not knowing how to collaborate with the system, even reaching a point of burning out due to lack of self-care skills. This is all caused by the anxiousness of applying western counseling psychology theory on the Chinese social system, hence losing the context and sensitivity towards the culture. Having experienced the journey myself, I treasure the kind-hearted intentions of every new helping professional, hence I hope to become a psychodrama trainer that has a high degree of cultural sensitivity, and can apply psychodrama within the Chinese society more appropriately.


11F., No.28, Aly. 100, Ln. 109, Sec. 2, Muzha Rd.
Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116
Office Phone: 886-955845015

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