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Chun-Chin Chen, M.S., C.P., P.A.T.

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Education (Elementary, Secondary, Colleges & Universities)
Mental Health Professional
Personal Growth/Adult Education

Ever since I was young, I’ve decided to be a teacher. For the last decade, I have worked in junior and senior high schools as a student counselor. I received a master degree of children and family from Fu Jen Catholic University. Later I was certified as a professional staff of family education. Now I work as a volunteer of psychological consulting in an NPO. Meanwhile I am leading a few psychodrama groups in communities.
In 1994, I started to learn about psychodrama. Ever since, every year I have participated in the growth and conducting training courses of psychodramas hosted by Dr. Gong Shu. This reveals the tremendous power of comfort and healing through the release of emotions in the psychodramas. And it inspired my passion for learning psychodrama. After that, I experienced many training workshops for trainers, like those of Dr. Dorothy Satten, Pam Remer & Rory Remer, Donna Little, Ning-Shing Kung, Nien-Hua Lai, and Marcia Karp. Campus was the place that I practiced my hands-on experiences in psychodrama, Sociometry and group psychotherapy. The sociodrama and psychodrama that I lead have helped the students understand themselves better and develop their potentials. Also I provide psychodrama for their parents in order to help these adults to cope with their own trauma in the childhood. Furthermore, it helps the parents to understand their current roles in the families and empower their parenting effectiveness through role-play training. Eventually, their marriages could be more harmonious and closer relationship between children and parents could be established.
After retiring from the schools, I often host workshops for families featuring divorced, single-parent or financially vulnerable, especially women who suffer from domestic violence. By means of psychodramas, I try to deeply explore the traditional roles of women, heal their traumas, transform their relationships with people and family, enlighten their spirits, and inspire them become self-motivated and creative. I also take part in NPO foundation’s programs in remote area to help drug-abused girls, mentally or physically disabled couples and the grandparenting family. In a certain social welfare center for elderly people, I am leading a supporting group of senior women. Through the performance of psychodrama, these ladies review each period of their lives, rebuild and mend the broken parts of the minds. They have learned to appreciate each of their own lives and recognize the contribution she has given to her own family, and so that they are ready to move on.
I want to give thanks to every trainer who taught me about psychodrama. Once I become a CP and PAT, I look forward to meeting more trainers from different countries and understanding their cultural conserve, also expanding my professional spectrum. Hopefully what I have learned could bring healing to the people and joy to the families.


3F.-2, No.247-72, Shengli St.
Houlong Township, Miaoli County 356
Office Phone: 011 886 37720820

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