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Shu-Chu Yang, M.Ed., C.P., P.A.T.

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Hello, everyone! I am Shu-Chu Yang, a counselor in senior high school. I am also a consultative psychologist supervisor. Dr. Gong-Su is my primary trainer who is a warm teacher, led me into the palace of psychodrama. Since then, I fell in love with psychodrama. Tzu-Tueh Lin is my secondary trainer who helped me see my potential in the sociodrama, let my spontaneity and creativity emerge and flow freely in my life. I want to promote sociodrama as my mission.

The passages Moreno answered Freud in his 1912 lecture impress me a lot: 'Well, Dr. Freud, I start where you leave off. You meet people in the artificial setting of your office. I meet them on the street and in their homes, in their natural surroundings. You analyze their dreams. I give them the courage to dream again. You analyze and tear them apart. I let them act out their conflicting roles and help them to put the parts back together again.' Psychodrama believes that people have spontaneity and the courage to create, thus create an infinite possibilities of life. I has immersed in psychodrama for 20 years, in it I dealt with the challenges encountered at every stage of my life. Because of the atmosphere of trust, security and nourishment in the psychodrama, I am not afraid of facing life and learn and grow beyond expectation. I love psychodrama and would like to promote it, which is the reason why I want to become a psychodramatist.

Like Moreno, I also want to devote myself to bringing joy and laughter into the field of psychiatry. I am particularly fond of sociodrama and would like to play familiar or challenging roles in a wide range of scripts. I can show my true feeling , to confront and get close to my real self; in various roles I can understand others, expand my own role repertoire, accept mutual difference, and be responsible for own choices.

For me , the ultimate goal of the psychodrama is to create happiness for individuals, harmony for society and peace for the universe. And I'd like to share psychodrama and sociodrama to others, and let more people know and take part in psychodrama. Through psychodrama, they will aware the limitations set by their culture and have the courage to break through, grow, change the world, and co-create the beautyin life and universe.


1F., No.83, Sec. 1, Wanmei St.
Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 11665
Cell Phone: 886-0937-211-610
Residence Phone: 886-2-22393741

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