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Tan-Yu Hu, M.Ed., C.P., P.A.T.

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Having been a counseling psychologist for 4 years, the road to becoming a psychodrama director is an even longer journey. From the moment I first came in contact with psychodrama during graduate school, my life has been changed a lot. Psychodrama has effected me in all sorts of levels, allowing me to explore who I want to become, and what kind of relationship I want to build with others.

I want to thank my primary trainer Tzu-Yueh Lin, for her affirmation, support, and guidance along the way, she is a teacher and friend to me, in work and in life, allowing me to learn so much from her; I want to thank Nien-Hwa Lai for the diverse and creative teaching that is also solid, the different ways she presented genuinely deeply effects me, casting light upon who I want to be; I want to thank Dr. Kate Hudgins, the experiences of being a TSM protagonist, auxiliary ego, and working as a team has really helped me.

I also want to thank all those who I love or have loved and those who loves or had loved me; it is the forming and separation of these relationships that had allowed me to continue pursuing this journey, practicing psychodrama in relationships, and gaining courage from psychodrama to confront my own interpersonal relationships.

Thank the Gods, for giving me so many challenges, but also allowing me to pass through it with the blessings of many people.


No.45, Dayuan 19th St
Taiping Dist., Taichung City 411
Office Phone: (886) 911778987

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