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Shu-Lan Wu, M.D., C.P., P.A.T.

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ï¼­y name is Shu-Lan Wu, from Taiwan. The first time I encountered psychodrama was in 2001 when I met Dorothy and Mort Satten. They were very warm and wonderful teachers. In 2005, I met Dr. Gong Shu and I was further attracted to the charm and power of psychodrama. I was extremely happy to become a CP in 2017 and I would like to thank Dr. Gong Shu, who taught me a lot about psychodrama. I would also like to thank Li-Feng, Chang and Jui-Lin, Tu. They expanded my view and enriched my learning in the field of psychodrama.

Psychodrama gave me the courage to show vulnerability, without sacrificing my ability to believe in myself and connect with people. Psychodrama has profoundly integrated into my life and is widely used in my work. This has been a life transforming process for me, for which I am forever grateful.

I believe that psychodrama is a cross-cultural form of psychotherapy. With my professional growth and maturity in the field of psychodrama, I started to use concepts and techniques of psychodrama in different areas of my work. I have tried to integrate expressive art therapy, family therapy , Gestalt therapy and mindfulness therapy into my psychodrama work. I will continue devoting time and energy to utilizing psychodrama, letting more people know about psychodrama in order to bring people a happier and more beautiful life.


3F, No.11, Ln.67
Yuanhou St
Hsinchu City, Taiwan 30068
Cell Phone: +886937957967

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