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Yun Wu, M.L., C.P., P.A.T.

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I like watching theater drama and that leads me to Dr. Gong Shu's psychodrama theater, it was in 2006, and one of my psychology friends introduced it to me. After the first participation I was shocked and deeply attracted to psychodrama. During the last decade being immersed in psychodrama, Dr. Gong Shu is my main trainer, and I was trained by other TEP and PAT too, including Jinlin You, Jui-Lin Tu, and Dr. Ron Wiener (I was trained by them for more than five days each).
In 2012 I've got 1000 hours on psychodrama, but I didn't have a master's degree to apply for CP. Psychodrama is so magical, fun, spontaneous and creative which fascinates me, and I want to devote myself to it. I thus gave up my state-owned bank job which is stable and sounds good, back to school at my 41, and go for my master's degree. I want to thank not only Dr. Gong Shu for her leading and support on my way of learning and practicing psychodrama, but also thank myself for my perseverance and making great efforts. I want to thank the trainers who supervised me: Erdong Wang, Jinlin You, Jui-Lin Tu, Ciyue Lin, etc. Through my psychodrama way I often practice in schools and communities using psychodrama techniques and skills.
With deep understanding and therefore great passion, as the first Certified Practitioner in Shanghai, in this metropolis which I was born and raised, I'll devote myself to the practicing and spreading of psychodrama!

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Room 718,2#,No.641,Tianshan Rd,Shanghai
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