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Jacqueline Fowler, MA, C.P., P.A.T.

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Personal Growth/Adult Education

As an adult educator, I have developed a deep appreciation for the harmony that exists between the theories of Kolb (Experiential Learning), Mezirow (Transformative and Emancipatory Learning), and Moreno (creativity and spontaneity, role development, psychodramatic action, and therapeutic group process).

I am a dedicated lifelong learner, continually engaged in my own personal, social and professional growth. This means that, first and foremost, I am a learner along with my students, colleagues and friends. I enter into my classrooms (and indeed, any relationship), as a teacher/learner, to kindle mutual exploration of what it means to be human, and discover new perspectives through the learning collective's developing knowledge and abilities. My first commitment is to create an active learning environment that nurtures curiosity, respect, and courage to consider new ideas, and authentic enjoyment, all in equal measure. My ultimate educational goal is that by the end of any course or workshop, we all share in a mutual role of teacher-learner.

In my first career I was an actress and dancer, primarily in New York. At mid-life, I returned to the Northwest to accompany my mother on her long journey with Alzheimer's Disease, and through that difficult and blessed process completing my Masters in Human Sciences and Expressive Therapies, where I first learned of Moreno's transformational approaches to human development. Since then I have continued to consult with individuals and families struggling with changing roles, relationships and responsibilities while caring for loved ones with dementia. During my 20 year tenure teaching at Marylhurst University, I was Adjunct Faculty in Human Sciences Department, teaching courses in self and identity, interpersonal relationships and group process, critical reflection and creativity, as well as courses in Morenian concepts of role theory, sociometry, and sociodrama. As Associate Faculty and Director of the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Program I guided students through a writing-intensive process of reflection and self-assessment of their college level knowledge and skills achieved through life-learning experiences. After a year-long sabbatical of study, reflection, and replenishment (which I highly recommend to anyone leaving higher education), I feel re-energized entering this next creative phase of my life, working with a wider, richer community of teacher-learners.

I have served on the Executive Council of the ASGPP for five years, and currently serve as an Associate Editor for the ASGPA's Journal. Since 2001 I have been presenting workshops at regional and national conferences on a wide range of topics including reflective writing, action-based learning assessment strategies, role theory and sociometry and, most recently, collective concerns related to age-related forgetfulness and loss of identity.


6307 SW Alfred St.
Portland, OR 97219-5768
Cell Phone: 503-327-4572
Residence Phone: 503-246-2369


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