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Ying-Chieh Wang, MS, C.P., P.A.T.

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Psychological drama brings me a lot of spontaneity and creativity, and it also heals my life. Since 2010, I appreciated guidance of my primary trainer Nien-Hwa, Lai (TEP), secondary trainer Tzu-Yueh Lin, and the recommender Yen-Hung Chang(PAT). Some other trainers, Pam and Rory Remer (TEP), Kate Hudgins (TEP), Katrena Hart (TEP), and Donna Little (TEP) are also important to me. In addition to learning knowledge and techniques of psychodrama from them, I experienced its essence, attitude and spirituality that heals humans’ hearts.

In this 8-year journey, I used to be extremely afraid of people and reject evaluations on me. But now, I become warm, friendly, and confident on pursuing my dreams. Special thanks to Dr. Nien-Hwa Lai that she taught me to believe in me and make connections with others around the world. I also remember to spread love, and need to keep in mind that humans are a group with more similarity than difference. Currently, I am a licensed consulting psychologist in Taiwan, and I try to apply psychodrama in several fields and groups such as addicts in women's prison, graduate students and faculty in universities, kids in kindergarten, pupils in elementary schools, people in community colleges and cases in psychological counselling clinic.

I also want to thank my partners in the psychodrama group who support me along the tough way. With the company of volunteers in the counseling center in NCTU (Taiwan), I also felt love growing up. As last, I much thank my birth from parents so that I have the opportunity to learn from this wonderful, kind and real world. Much thanks to the leaving love in heaven from my grandmother and brother. And now I am standing up on the international stage!

Taiwanese name 王瀅捷

Primary Address

2F., No.18, Aly. 76, Yuping Ln., Sec. 3, Duxing Rd.
Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220
Office Phone: (886)-911 203 694

2nd Office Address

6F.-1, No.202, Sec. 3, Sinyi Rd.,
Da-an Dist., Taipei City 10658
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Office Phone: (886)-911 203 694

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