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Yu-Ting Tsai, M.S.W., C.P., P.A.T.

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Because of Psychodrama, I have the opportunities to reflect on my life and encounter numerous people. Because of Psychodrama, my capability of helping myself and others is growing, and my professional thrives. Because of Psychodrama, I have the courage to dream again.

I want to thank Gong Shu, Ph.D., T.E.P. Thank you for guiding me to disclose my emotions deep down and my inner desire. You shows me how love can intermediate all emotions.I also want to thank Tzu-Yueh Lin, M.E., T.E.P. Thank you for helping me to know the true self-acceptance comes with firm and gentleness. I then discover my own strengths.
Last but not the least, I want to thank Su-Mei Tseng ,Ph.D., P.A.T. Thank you for encouraging me and accompanying me, step by step, make my way to the goal. In this journey of self becoming, there are friends and colleagues who are taking the advanture with me. I want to make my appreciation to them too, and yet, our journey has not end.

Now I am providing individual counselling service in the meantal health centre in New Taipei City, and I run self-growth group in Hsin-Zuang Open University. I tried to apply psychodrama in both individual and group work of counselling and psychotherapy.Psychodrdama always amazes me in its power of increasing self-awareness and relational healing.
I wish I could continue to share my love of psychodrama to people and bring changes and amazement to their life.


No.9-80, Puwei
Sanzhi Dist., New Taipei City 25245
Office Phone: (886) 928863183

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