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Qi Wang, MEd, C.P., P.A.T.

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Hello, everyone. I am a psychology teacher at the psychological center of East China Normal University. I have been engaged in psychological teaching and psychological consultation for decades. I'm very happy to be a CP. The road to CP is hard and happy. The first time I caught sight of psychodrama was in 2011, when Dr. Lili Chang was holding psychodrama workshop in our university. I was fascinated by the psychodrama---- the "short and beautiful treatment art". I fell in love with it and decided to take the psychodrama as my professional.
Psychodrama plays an important role in my personal growth and work. In the process of learning psychodrama, I have changed a lot, constantly expanded my role directory, become more flexible, more spontaneous, more adaptable and creative. I can flexibly apply the psychodrama techniques I have learned to teaching and clinical work. Two years ago, I applied psychological drama technology to the teaching of College Students' mental health education. It was not only welcomed by the students, but also improved the students' subjective Well-being and mental health effectively. Recently, I have designed a course in self-exploration of psychodrama to help the protagonist explore the shackles and strengths of different personality traits, and let the protagonist have a chance to further integrate selves, closer to who they want to be. Through these practices, I saw the life power of the protagonists and members of the group, and I saw the charm of the psychodrama itself, and also saw my own value. Psychodrama changed, is changing and will continue to change me and my work.
Thanks to my first trainer Dr. Lili Chang, second trainer Dr. Gong Shu, my tutor Tzu-Yueh Lin, and Nien-Hwa Lai, and other famous psychodrama trainers, such as Dr. Rory Remer, Dr. Kate Hudgins, Dr. Marcia Karp, who leaded my drama. Thank you for giving me a lot of encouragement and help, especially Zhiqin Sang, Erdong Wang, Zhonghong Ji, Jing Wang, Shiunlung Chu, Lianghong Zhong, Yawei Bi, Dan Hao, etc. I also want to thank those people who have supported me and insisted on participating in my workshop. With the help of all of you, I have been walking steadily on the road of psychodrama.
Undoubtedly, psychodrama has made great achievements in practice, but it needs further strengthening in theoretical construction and empirical research. In the next few years, I intend to make more efforts in research, and I hope to find like-minded people to work with me. For whom may interested in my work,please contact me: wangqi@mail.ecnu.edu.cn.


Room 402, Student Activity Center
3663 N. Zhongshan Rd
Putuo District, Shanghai
Office Phone: 086+13916098980

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