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Yueh-Hua Chen, MS, C.P.

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Experiencing strong catharsis when I played the role of the protagonist in the first psychodrama I ever engaged in, I had gained further knowledge in psychodrama ever since 2004 as I participated in the Nien-Hwa Lai T.E.P. training group in 2010, in which I was successively advised by Kate Hudgins T.E.P., Remer Rory & Remer Pamela T.E.P. and Katrena Hart T.E.P. and supervised by Tzu-Yueh Lin T.E.P.. The more I indulge in the training process, the more I find psychodrama to be intriguing.
Due to stress from life, I was once ready to give up on the CP exam. While I was in the training at Okinawa, however, my primary trainer Nien-Hwa Lai T.E.P . directed one of my psychodrama, and I truly felt her lenience and love as well as support and encouragement from my training group members. I grew confidence and thus kept advancing.
Psychodrama is not only a therapy technique, but also philosophy in life and the chore essence of anima. I apply psychodrama in individual and group counseling, also on myself and my family. I have sensed the fascination of psychodrama, and will keep on promoting it in my work.


3F,no.9,Ln 201,Yucheng St
Taipei City, Nangang District 115
Office Phone: +886-952-369425

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