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Martha (Martie) H. Adams, L.I.S.W., CETIII, T.E.P.

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Addictions & Substance Abuse
Mental Health Professional
Personal Growth/Adult Education
Private Practice

I�m a Licensed Independent Social Worker and a Trainer, Educator, Practitioner of Psychodrama in private practice in Charleston, South Carolina. I work with adults on relationship issues, emotional sobriety, personal growth issues, women's issues, and recovery from addictions. In my work with couples, I use Terrence Real's Relational Life Therapy� model; I am certified at the Advanced Level in this method. I also use the model of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, as developed by Sue Johnson.

One of the advantages of using psychodrama is that it helps people to see in a concrete way things that are abstract. In addition, because psychodrama is an action method which engages the body as well as the mind, it often bring into consciousness things of which clients may have long been unaware. �As Moreno said, "The body remembers what the mind forgets."� Psychodrama is very helpful for individuals who tend to intellectualize and to be disconnected from their emotions; the method facilitates their dropping into their feelings so that they begin to heal on a new and deeper level. Psychodrama is also very helpful for individuals who tend to be "too emotional," as the method allows both emotional catharsis and catharsis of insight, both of which are necessary for change to occur.

I'm a graduate of Brown University and the Columbia University School of Social Work.


222 West Coleman Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Cell Phone: (843) 696-7920

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