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Linnea Carlson-Sabelli, PhD, APN, PMHCNS-BC, T.E.P.

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Work Applications
Education (Elementary, Secondary, Colleges & Universities)
Mental Health Professional

As a nursing educator and psychodramatist for more than 35 years, I developed and used action methods to expand minds and to promote critical thinking in classroom, clinical and online courses. I am fully retired from Rush University College of Nursing whe I was a professor of Nursing had an inpatient and outpatient psychodrama practice and directed the psychodrama training program. I do not have an active practice or training program at this time.

The central theme of my research is the development of process theory and its application in nursing, education and psychodrama. My doctoral work resulted in the discovery of the "Diamond of Opposites" instrument which measures the extent to which opposites co-exist in processes . I worked closely with my husband, Hector Sabelli, who died in 2012.

As a founding member of a long-standing research team. I was involved in constructing theory based methods to study patterns of change in complex and creative processes. I applied principles of psychodrama and process theory to develop National Grants to fund the development of educational materials and online delivery of graduate level nursing education to increase the number of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (PMH-NP) in the USA . These methods were designed to promote critical thinking and reflection, increase creativity and construct a sociodynamically engineered community of PMH-NPs.

My research is archived at Researchgate.net

Book Chapters:

Carlson-Sabelli, L. (2011). The use of text-based technology to enrich counselor training and supervision: Using forums (Chapter 22). In Anthony, K & Nagel, D., Eds) . Mental Health and the Impact of Technological Development. Springfield, IL: Charles Thomas

Sabelli HC and Carlson-Sabelli, L (2005). Co-creation practice: Education nursing and psychodrama. In Sabelli, H.C., Bios, A study of creation. (pp. 609-620) Hackensack, New Jersey: World Scientific.

Carlson-Sabelli, L. (2001). The use of psychodrama in nursing. In Joyce J. Fitzpatrick (Ed). The psychiatric mental Health nursing research digest. New York: Springer.

Carlson-Sabelli, L., Sabelli, H.C. & Hale, A. (1994). Sociometry and Sociodynamics. In P. Holmes, M. Karp, & M. Watson (Eds.), Psychodrama since Moreno: Innovations in theory and practice (pp. 145-185). London & New York: Tavistock/Routledge.

Raaz, N., Carlson-Sabelli, L., & Sabelli, H.C. (1993). Psychodrama in the treatment of multiple personality disorder: A Process-theory perspective. In E. Kluft (Ed.). Expressive and functional therapies in the treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder (pp. 169-188). Springfield, IL: Charles Thomas

Carlson-Sabelli, L., & Sabelli, H.C. (1989). Emotional dialectics. In Sabelli, H.C. (Ed.), Union of opposites: A comprehensive theory of natural and human processes (pp. 387-406). Virginia: Brunswick.

Selected Peer Reviewed Articles:

Carlson-Sabelli, L. (1998). Children's puppet theatre for traumatized Children: A process theory approach. International Journal of Action Methods: Psychodrama, Skill Training, and Role Playing, 51, (3), 91-112. Full text available online at: http//search.epnet.com/direct.asp?AN=1732693&db=afh

Sabelli, H., Carlson-Sabelli, L., Patel, M. & Sugerman, A. (1997). Dynamics and psychodynamics. Process foundations of psychology. In L. Vandervert (Ed.), Understanding Tomorrow?s Mind: Advances in Chaos Theory, Quantum Theory and Consciousness in Psychology. Special Double Edition. Journal


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