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Michael Gross, PhD, CADC-I, CET-III, SEP, C.P., P.A.T.

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Work Applications
Addictions & Substance Abuse
Personal Growth/Adult Education

After more than two decades working in the world of HIV/AIDS prevention - as a counselor, educator, grant developer/administrator, program director, and clinical researcher - I came to recognize that addiction not only exacerbated the risk of HIV exposure, but also is a potentially lethal threat in its own right. As I shifted focus to addiction I became aware that process addictions (including eating disorders) were often intertwined with dependency on substances. The more I understood about addiction in its varied gradations and manifestations, the more I came to appreciate the role of trauma and neglect in the life experience of so many people with addictions. Conversely, an awareness of the impact of trauma helped me recognize that "addiction" is more of a continuum of behaviors than a "yes/no" categorization.

Training as a drug and alcohol counselor exposed me to psychodrama and sociometry and, in a good way, I was instantly hooked. I love psychodrama. I love how it creates safety, invites creative expression, enhances spontaneity, celebrates mistakes, encourages risk-taking, and fosters deep connections with others.

The importance of embodiment and felt sense in psychodrama, together with an ever-keener awareness of the impact of developmental/relational trauma on patterns of addiction and ill health, led me to appreciate a "bottom up" emphasis on the body and to further training in Psychodramatic Bodywork and Somatic Experiencing.

I welcome opportunities to be of service, especially to:

* members of the LGBTQ community;
* survivors of trauma and neglect;
* persons in recovery (or contemplating recovery) from substance and process addictions, including eating disorders;
* seniors (like me!) grappling with questions of meaning and purpose

As a PAT, I am thrilled to support others as they step into the psychodramatist role.


315 West 3rd Street #712
Long Beach, CA 90802
Office Phone: (562) 234-3969
Cell Phone: (562) 234-3969


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